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Lorraine turned down chance to snog hunk Colin

Lorraine Keane has revealed how she passed up the chance of a snog with hunky Hollywood star Colin Farrell.

However, her musician hubbie Peter Devlin needn't worry -- it was all perfectly innocent.

The former Xpose presenter was only 10 years old when she first encountered the future actor.

"It was at his best mate Jarlath's house, whose dad has been the drummer in my dad's band, The Indians, for 30 years. On one family outing, my dad brought me and my sisters to Jarlath's Castleknock home to visit," she said.

"The offer of the snog came about on our second encounter years later when Colin was all grown up, impossibly handsome and incredibly famous."

And the Irish face of Garnier revealed the killer line she used to draw in the former hellraiser, whose love for the ladies is well documented.

"I told him he made me nervous and he reckoned that if we snogged it would take my mind off it. No argument there, Colin.

"However, a press junket in a hotel conference room surrounded by a five-man camera and film crew is not my idea of romantic.

"I declined -- but it did break the ice. We've met lots of times since and always have a laugh about it. Just a laugh, no nerves ... and sadly no snogging."