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Lorraine ready for stage debut after agony of spine op

TV STAR Lorraine Keane is on the mend after having a serious operation on her spine, the Diary can reveal.

Despite being bedridden for weeks, the former Xpose anchor says she is ready to start rehearsals for her debut stage performance in the musical Girls Night Out.

The Dublin presenter has finally had her neck brace taken off and has started walking around again after undergoing an operation for a slipped disc.

The mother of two was in good hands, though, because she went under the knife of the same neurosurgeon that operated on rugby ace Brian O'Driscoll (right) when he suffered with shoulder pain from a trapped nerve.


Speaking to the Diary, Lorraine (40) revealed the surgery was serious but she is looking forward to dancing and singing on stage in the coming months when she tours with the musical, which will begin in the Grand Canal Theatre.

"I had a slipped disc in my back and it was causing nerve damage so they had to operate. I had severe pain in my back and arm, it was just getting worse and worse. My neurosurgeon said I needed spinal surgery and it was very serious.

"And, of course, time was of the essence because I had already signed up to do Girls Night Out.

"There is a lot of recovery time but I start rehearsals for the show in just three weeks now but I should be fine. The doctors said it will take a certain amount of time to heal so I just need to take it easy."

Lorraine made the comments while attending Sister Act at the Grand Canal Theatre.

Even though she can't join in on the activities this year, she says she will still be heading on a skiing holiday at New Year with her husband Peter and her two daughters Emilia (7) and Romy (4).

Meanwhile, Lorraine admitted that she won't be spoiling her two daughters this Christmas with lavish presents.

The presenter is an ambassador for the charities Trocaire, Laura Lynn and World Vision, and says she has taught her girls to appreciate what they have.

"I really try not to spoil them and my girls are well aware of how lucky and privileged they are, I make sure of that.

"This year, Amelia asked Santa just for a passport for her puppy Chip so he could travel and Romy just wants a doll and a surprise, so so far, so good, I think."