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Lorraine – my daughter gets embarrassed when people mistake me for Kate

SPOT the difference. One is a future queen of our nearest neighbours, the other is a former queen of showbiz TV.

Lorraine Keane says that she has repeatedly been mistaken for Kate Middleton while working in Britain.

The former TV3 star and presenter claims that members of the Irish public have also now started making the error – much to her own daughters' embarrassment.

"I've been mistaken for Kate Middleton a few times," she told the Herald, adding that she is delighted with the comparison.

"Of course I'm flattered. She's a princess and she's younger than me."

However, she has ruled out ever posing for pictures imitating Kate, saying that being a doppelganger for someone more famous isn't an easy gig.



"My daughter is actually embarrassed when we are out and about and people take a second look and they don't realise that it's me, which is really funny in Ireland and they say, 'Oh my God, sorry I actually thought you were Kate Middleton', then they say, 'Oh my God you're actually Lorraine Keane'."

The Dublin mother-of-two is staying tight-lipped about exactly what she is working at in the UK but did say that there is a project in the pipeline.

"I'm doing a bit of work yeah, but I'm not going to say the usual, typical line of: I'm working on a project," she said.

Busy Lorraine – who is married to musician and producer Peter Devlin and mum to daughters Emilia (10) and seven-year-old Romy – first shot to fame as the radio voice of AA Roadwatch before moving to TV3 News, where she was the showbusiness correspondent.



She quit TV in dramatic fashion in 2009 and a year later released a book about her time working in showbiz in Working The Red Carpet.

It resulted in the then station boss Ben Frow vowing never to work with her again. Although Ben did later turn out to support Lorraine when she appeared in hit musical Girls Night Out.

She is now working on a freelance basis, making regular appearances on TV, radio and print for different organisations.