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Looks like all those hours in the gym were worth it, Roz

ROZANNA Purcell has stripped down for her hottest shoot yet.

The reigning Miss Universe Ireland (20), who has left for a full-time career in New York to model with Donald Trump's agency, is determined to rival Gisele Bundchen in the supermodel stakes.

And the former UCD student showed that she is a force to be reckoned with in her sexiest shoot ever in tomorrow's The Dubliner magazine, available every Thursday in the Herald.


She shows off the figure she intends to strut down the Victoria's Secret catwalk.

"For girls involved in modelling -- and even girls not involved in modelling -- Victoria's Secret appears to be this ideal thing," she revealed.

"Every boy knows what Victoria's Secret is. Every girl does, too. If you get that, your modelling career would be amazing. The girls are so gorgeous and they have this strong image about them. It's something very desirable."

She insists that working with the brand is one of the most elite contracts in the business, and you have to be in tip-top condition to sashay on the runway alongside Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and Karolina Kurkova.

According to Rozanna what's required is: "A great body, so I'm constantly training. I usually go training in the morning before breakfast because that's better for the body. I stick to low-carb, high protein and vegetables. Things like broccoli, asparagus, kidney beans and chickpeas. I try not to eat too much fruit because there's a lot of sugar in it. Of course, I do have my carbs. I have porridge and stuff. I have to drink two litres of water a day and I try not to drink too much coffee and tea.


"No matter how hungry I am, I wouldn't go to McDonald's. I couldn't. For me, it's not even about eating sh*t, it's about eating what's good for me. If it was a homemade organic burger, that's a different story."

Since coming in seventh in this year's Miss Universe competition in Las Vegas, Roz has become one of the hottest commodities on the pageant circuit -- and said that it is as competitive as people think.

"It's like a job hunt, so of course you'll do whatever it takes."

Full interview and photoshoot in The Dubliner magazine with the Evening Herald this Thursday