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Look out Cecelia...mum Ciara pulls off six-figure book deal

A DUBLIN mum is set to give Cecelia Ahern and Cathy Kelly a run for their money.

Mother-of-three Ciara Geraghty is tipped to be the next big Irish writer after signing a major book deal with publishers here and in Britain.

Having already written four books, Ms Geraghty has now signed a "significant six-figure sum" for two more pieces of fiction.

But the 40-year-old from north Co Dublin has a fascinating real life story of her own.

She only began writing six years ago after deciding to try her hand at a creative writing class in Whitehall's Plunkett College.

Her first three books achieved widespread acclaim with readers for her warm storytelling, humour and true-to-life characters.

Her fourth book, Lifesaving For Beginners, has just been published and may be another bestseller.


And now, with a new deal secured, Ms Geraghty is heading for international success.

The deal was signed this week between her agent in Dublin, Ger Nichol, and publishers Hachette Books Ireland and Hodder & Stoughton in the UK.

Her first novel, Saving Grace, shot to the top of the bestseller list in 2008.

It told the story of Grace, who wakes up one morning in bed with the geek from the IT department, which is not going to be easy to explain to her boyfriend of two years.

Reviewers said that it showed Ms Geraghty to be a gifted writer and someone who was prepared to write honestly about the lives of women.

Ms Geraghty tells her non-Irish fans that her name is "pronounced Keira as in Keira Knightly, but with lower cheek bones".

Ms Geraghty's subsequent books, Becoming Scarlett and Finding Mr Flood, were also bestsellers here and sold strongly in the UK.

Her latest effort tells a bittersweet tale of two lives irrevocably joined after a tragic car accident.