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Look at the size of Cat's sparkler... the 20-year wait for Patrick was worth it

NEWLYWED Cat Deeley showed off her knockout diamond engagement ring after revealing it took 20 years for her and new hubby Patrick Kielty to find love together.

The massive sparkler is classic a round cut diamond and Cat (36) beamed as she showed it off when she stepped out at the WGSN Global fashion Awards.

The gorgeous blonde wed her best friend and former co-host just months ago in a very small and very private ceremony in Rome.

But while Cat's big day is gone, it certainly isn't forgotten. The star was still in bridal mode when she stepped out in a white fitted jacket and matching full length ostrich feathered skirt.

Cat and Patrick have been best buddies ever since they worked together on Fame Academy in 2002.

While fans always wanted the on-screen duo to hook up Cat said, at that stage, they simply were not ready.

"I know that I definitely wasn't ready for Patrick until now -- nor he me," the So You Think You Can Dance Host said.

"And we have had to get to a spot where we were and we have. And knowing each other for 20 years is brilliant. That feels like good foundations for the future," Cat said.

"We'd always been friends and we'd always stayed friends, friends with chemistry."

But despite having chemistry both on and off screen, Cat says she was still surprised when their relationship turned out to be more than just platonic.

"We'd worked together for years but for one reason or another it never happened. We never thought we'd end up together."

Fans were both delighted and shocked when the pair announced they were a couple in May this year.

The couple kept their wedding and honeymoon in Venice secret. But Cat can't seem to stop smiling since her return.

"It's true," she said. "My parents can see it. My friends can see it. They can see how happy I am.

"I've got a lovely home, and I'm so lucky with the career I have. I don't need Patrick to do anything else. I just need him to make me happy. And he does."

The pair kept their blossoming relationship out of the public eye for some time after rumours about their friendship turning romantic surfaced after they took a holiday together in February.

In September, after years of insisting they were just good friends the couple finally walked down the aisle. Patrick made it known last year that he had been thinking of tying the knot in 2012, saying, 'I think that might be my New Year's resolution... to get married'.