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Lohan's lawyers meet with new judge

Attorneys in the probation case for troubled actress Lindsay Lohan met with a new presiding judge, who set a status hearing for August 25, a court official said.

No details about the actress's stint in a court-ordered drug and alcohol rehabilitation were disclosed after the closed-door proceeding.

Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, who represents Lohan, said no decision had yet been made on when she might be released from rehab.

Lohan (24) spent 13 days behind bars last month after a judge ruled she had violated probation on charges stemming from a 2007 drunk driving arrest. After release, she was immediately sent to rehab for 90 days of in-patient counselling, but speculation has run high she will be released early.

The meeting involved Chapman Holley, prosecutor Danette Meyers and Judge Elden Fox. Fox last week replaced sentencing judge Marsha Revel after the Los Angeles District Attorney's office complained about several communications made by Revel with parties involved in the case.