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Lohan fails to turn up to rehab centre


Lindsay Lohan. Photo: AP

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: AP

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: AP

LINDSAY Lohan's whereabouts were unknown today after her attorney told a judge that she had checked into a rehab facility – only to later learn that the starlet apparently never arrived.

Lohan's lawyer and publicist would not comment about the actress's decision to quickly leave a rehab facility that a state official said is not licensed to perform the type of restrictive in-patient treatment a judge sentenced her to undergo.

A prosecutor said Lohan was apparently in violation of her probation after spending only a few minutes at Morningside Recovery.

Yesterday, a court heard that the California facility was not investigated or approved by prosecutors, and Lohan's lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, had to argue that she be allowed to stay in treatment until a judge approves her rehab.

Superior Court Judge James R Dabney said Lohan should remain at the centre until Santa Monica Chief Deputy City Attorney Terry White has time to conduct his investigation.

Dabney said, based on a letter from Morningside Recovery, it appeared to meet the requirements of Lohan's sentence in a case in which the actress crashed her car in June 2012.

Lohan pleaded no contest in March to reckless driving and lying to police who were investigating the crash.

The star also was found in violation of her probation over the theft of a necklace in 2011, and was sentenced to 180 days in jail.

However, her jail term can be avoided if she complies with the full terms of her sentence, which include community labour and 18 months of psychological therapy.

She must stay for 90 days as part of the plea deal she negotiated in the misdemeanor traffic accident case.

On a recent TV show, David Letterman asked the actress how many times she'd been in rehab, how this time would differ, and what she's being treated for.

Lohan said rehab was "a blessing and not a curse".