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Liveline Joe is back on the air after op to fix his broken leg

Joe Duffy has settled back behind the mic after undergoing surgery to help his recovery from a traffic accident.

The Liveline presenter was admitted to hospital for the operation in which it is believed a titanium rod was removed from his leg.

The RTE star has declined to speak further about the horrific incident in Dublin last April. It happened when a woman reversing her car pinned him against the back of his own car. His leg was badly broken in two places and the woman's car was badly damaged in the accident, which happened as he was standing at the boot of his parked car in Pearse Street.

Learner driver Mary Kate McDonagh (21) was found guilty of driving without reasonable care. A caller to his radio show recently asked Joe on air about the state of his health following the accident but he declined to speak about it. Previously, he revealed to the Herald he had been in constant pain for the past year and had struggled to walk for any length of time.

"I can't walk any distance because it's so painful. One of my biggest losses is not being able to walk with the children," Joe revealed.

Both bones in one leg were shattered in the accident. Although he no longer used a crutch, walking remained painful. The titanium rod removed from his leg extended from his knee to his ankle. He was also undergoing regular ultrasound treatment.