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Lisa's a blushing bride... but only on the catwalk

HE thinks his model fiancee Lisa Murphy looked "beautiful" in a wedding gown -- but Gerald Kean said they have yet to set a date for their long-awaited big day.

The couple hosted a charity fashion show in Drogheda over the weekend which saw Lisa modelling a number of wedding dresses.

And while Gerald (54) admitted that his beautiful bride-to-be was a sight to behold, they still have to make a final decision on when their big day might be.

"She tried on a few of the dresses and she looked great," Kean told the Herald, who looked on as the model strutted on the catwalk.

While the couple may be holding off on the announcement of their lavish affair, the solicitor did reveal that they plan to get hitched in his native Cork and will make their final decision on the date soon.

"We're still aiming for next year, so decision time will be over Christmas," he said.

"We both want to do it in Cork, and we're going to ask guests not to give presents but to make a donation to a local special needs school called Scoil Triest, in Mayfield."