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Lisa to bounce back from heist as one of TV3 Real Housewives

LISA Murphy will be starring in new reality series The Real Housewives Of South Dublin, the Diary can reveal.

The glamorous other half of lawyer Gerald Kean hit the headlines this summer after she was the victim of a robbery in the mansion she shares with her partner.

The Dublin socialite was bound, gagged and robbed of around €1.5m worth of jewellery by a gang armed with knives. Despite remaining quite low key since, the leggy star is set to bring TV3 cameras into her lavish lifestyle in the coming months.

An insider told the Diary: "The producers are in talks with several high-profile women at the moment. Lisa Murphy was the first woman they approached. As well as the high-profile burglary, Lisa and Gerald are tying the knot soon and want to have children, so there is a lot going on in their personal life.

"Plus, Lisa and Gerald seem to have it all. They go to the best parties and mingle in all the right circles, it's perfect for the show. At first they were looking for the wives of high-profile men, like the Real Housewives format in the US but they think well-known women will be much better.

"These women have had a hugely wealthy background, some of them run businesses, while some of them live quite laid-back lifestyles. The show will explore how the recession has affected these women and how they live their life," the source explained.

Mum-to-be Virginia Macari is also close to penning a deal with the new TV3 show.

An insider said the popular half-Italian beauty can't wait to star in the show, as she has worked with the producers before.


"The new series is being produced by Straywave. They are the same company that do Celebrity Salon. Virginia loved doing that show, so she is used to having cameras around. She and her partner Kaste are expecting their first baby, it's perfect timing really. The show will capture Virginia's relationship as well as the first few months of being a mother," a source said.

And joining the two well-known ladies will be popular Botox queen Dr Danielle Meagher. The doctor, who runs Derma Face, a practice specialising in face and lip fillers and Botox, is well known on the Dublin social scene and has a star-studded list of clients including supermodel Sophie Anderton, X Factor star Stacey Solomon and creative director of Peter Mark, Michael Doyle.

An insider said that Danielle's role will show the effect of the recession on the Dublin upper class as well as giving an insight into Ireland's obsession with Botox.