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Lisa back on crutches after dance contest leaves her in toe agony

MODEL Lisa Murphy is back on crutches after competing in a charity dance-off.

The blonde beauty has been confined to her bed after undergoing an operation to mend a broken toe last week.

Despite having her toe reset in February, Lisa's problem has returned to haunt her.

"It has been a recurring problem but the pain just got too much for her," fiance Gerald Kean told the Herald.

"She had her toe operation on Wednesday to fix it and she'll be out of action for at least three weeks."

Lisa was crowned the champion of a charity fundraiser dance competition called Strictly Celebrity Come Dancing two weeks ago in Cork, but suffered severe pain during and after the contest. "I don't know how she even competed, never mind winning it, with the pain of it," solicitor to the stars Kean said.

The socialite entertained crowds in a sexy red dress as she sauntered around on stage with professional dancer Ciaran Keating to win the title.

"She has been in agony and is on strong painkillers while she rests," Kean (54) said.


"The doctors told us it could take a month before it's healed and back to normal, so she's been advised to take it easy."

Lisa will be forced to ditch her trademark towering high-heels as her foot has been "heavily bandaged" to help her recover.

"She has been walking around in these high-heeled shoes like Louboutins and just did herself more damage as a result, so she's back on the crutches now," the former Celebrity Bainisteoir admitted. "Her shoes have made it much worse than it was." As a result, the 39-year-old salon owner has been given another pair of crutches to hobble around on, for the second time this year.

The south Dubliner has been plagued by the injury since 2010, after tripping on the stairs of the engaged couple's home in Ballsbridge and failing to have it treated immediately, choosing instead to go on holiday to Portugal.


The catwalk queen failed to have her foot treated immediately and instead jetted off to the Algarve with Kean and a number of pals.

It was in Portugal where she first received medical attention for the broken toe.

"She didn't really look after it when it first happened and as she was getting onto a boat she went over on it and we discovered how badly hurt it was," Kean concluded.