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Like mother, like daughter... Irma's a real model rival

TOP model Irma Mali may have some competition on the catwalk -- with her seven-year-old daughter.

The First Option beauty (27) is one of the most in demand models in the country, and a penchant for posing clearly runs in the family.

The Herald can reveal that Irma's adorable daughter Nikoleta (7) has begun child modelling with her mother's agency, and as these pictures show, gorgeous looks clearly run in the family.

Nikoleta has been modelling since she was a toddler, but has become even busier in recent months, and her mum has revealed that she is following in her footsteps.


Irma described her daughter Nikoleta as a "gorgeous" girl and said that she may be rivalling her in the fashion world.

"A lot of people say she looks a lot like me, so it looks like she's following in my footsteps and watch out, maybe in two years' time, she'll be challenging me on the catwalk," Irma said.

Her agent Jules Fallon explained: "She's always done modelling, since she was about three years old.

"Not all the time, but when jobs come up she will do it -- it's not full-time."

Irma, who has been living in Dublin for the past seven years, became a household name after starring in the Break Even music video for The Script in 2008, and subsequently nabbing the attention of boyfriend Danny O'Donoghue.

And while her daughter's burgeoning career is soaring, Irma's own career is going from strength to strength this year.

Since she completed a prestigious acting course at the Gaiety School of Acting in recent months, she has spent time in London taking further acting classes, as well as nabbing a UK agent.

Although her agent was remaining tight-lipped about Irma's acting prospects, she said that her "future is looking positive".

"Things are looking hopeful. She recently met some amazing directors, casting directors and producers," she revealed.

Irma recently revealed that she was in the early stages of carving out a career as an actress, and has no intention of leaving the country just yet.

"I just came back from London, from some acting classes over there," she said.

"It's going really well. I really enjoy it and I've got a really good acting director. I'd prefer to do movies."