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Life's one big party for Laura


Laura Woods. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Laura Woods. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Laura Woods. Photo: Brian McEvoy

FROM Rice Krispie cakes and face painting to glamming up for her Ireland AM slot, life's one big party for Laura Woods.

The Dublin presenter is still recovering from one hell of a bash at the weekend – her son Ben's 3rd birthday party.

"I spent the weekend up to my knees in Rice Krispie cakes and face paint with dozens of toddlers running around me," Laura told the Diary.

"I was more tired after the day then I would be after some nights out so I was dying for a glass of wine," she joked.

And with younger son Alex just six months old, Laura said finding social time with hubby Mark Arigho is a much-needed luxury.

"We still find time for the odd night, I think it is necessary for your sanity," she said.

"We are very lucky that the boys have very nice grandparents who have no problem taking them."

Laura, who will host the Paul Stafford charity lunch in Mansion House tomorrow, has been a regular fixture on TV3's breakfast show so far this season as she fills in for the presenters as well as fronting their Oasis campaign to find a budding Irish fashion designer.

She's so content on Ireland AM that she wouldn't dream of applying for the six-month contract on fashion show Xpose.

"I am very much an Ireland AM girl because I have been working with them for so long," Laura explained.

When she is not in the Ballymount broadcaster, Laura spends her week working on Corporate Profiles, her online video business with presenter Brian Ormond.