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Life's a beach for Rosanna and Wes


Rosanna Davison and her fiancé Wes Quirke celebrated their engagement anniversary on the sandy white beaches of Mauritius yesterday.

The pair visited the beach where Wes popped the question over a year ago. And Rosanna marked the momentous occasion by posting a cheeky selfie of her pert posterior on twitter.

"Favourite place on earth," she wrote beside it.

Rosanna, Wes and the De Burgh family are lapping up the sunshine in the Indian Ocean.

The family have been going for holidays there since 1995. When she hasn't been sunning herself, gym bunny Rosanna has been hitting the gym and running along the beach to keep toned and trim.

But it isn't all fun and games for animal lover Rosie. She's been pining for her Pomeranian pooches Ted and Toby. Rosie and Wes adopted Ted in 2011 and Toby last year and Rosanna has been dreaming about dogs.

"Dreamt about dogs again last night for the seventh one in a row," she said. "Either separation anxiety from my own or I was a labrador in a former life."