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Life's a beach as Jenny discovers new frontiers...

Jenny Buckley is living the dream since she was added to the No Frontiers team for the new series.

"I'm absolutely loving it. I was working with about three different directors and they were all fantastic. They were all on for just relaxing and chilling out after the cameras stopped rolling," she revealed.


"My favourite place was probably Sardinia which was fabulous. I was like 'why haven't I ever been here?', the flights are so cheap and it has a real tropical feel to it. It's all white sandy beaches and gorgeous weather.

"We also went to Portugal and northern Spain to a city called Santander and that was a cool place. The airport is a 15 minute drive away from the centre, the food is really cheap and the people are lovely."

She revealed that the first instalment in the new series of the travel show, which airs on Sunday nights, pulled in an impressive 600,000 viewers as TV audiences indulge in some well-needed escapism.

Jenny has clearly been bitten by the travel bug as she added how she rang in the New Year over in the glitzy resort of Marbella with her hubbie Gareth McClean and a few of his pals from Dublin.