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Libya? Obama? Nah, Charlie's bizarre antics rule the internet

If you think Charlie Sheen has been "winning" media attention these past few weeks, you'd be right.

The now former Two And A Half Men star has topped all internet and social media discussions since the beginning of 2011, beating out buzz and controversy surrounding the iPad, singer Lady Gaga and US President Barack Obama, according to a survey released by the Global Language Monitor.

"Charlie Sheen is everywhere. The growing pervasiveness of social media only enhances this global echo chamber," said Paul Payack, of Global Language Monitor.

Mr Payack used an algorithm to analyse the top 20 persons (or things) of interest on blogs, internet-only news sites and social media sites like Twitter and YouTube. Sheen was first, followed by Apple's iPad, Lady Gaga, Obama and Tea Party favourite Sarah Palin.

But the wayward TV star ranked just 18th among the top 75,000 traditional print and electronic media sites covered in the survey.

Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak were the top three persons of interest on the traditional media list, "which shows what happens when you have an editorial process that helps discern which news is most significant for the reader," Mr Payack said.

Still, after weeks of bizarre behaviour, insults to producers of his old show and boasts about having "Adonis DNA" and "tiger blood", pop culture and social media users just can't seem to get enough of the 45 year-old actor. And yesterday, a comic book was added to an eclectic list of products marking Sheen's public meltdown. Publisher Bluewater Productions said the actor's "life, career and recent shocking behaviour" would be the subject of a 32-page comic for release this summer.

The comic joins a Sirius XM "Tiger Blood Radio" channel, and an extra strong strain of cannabis on sale in California medical marijuana dispensaries.