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Liam 'swung guitar like axe' in Oasis split row

NOEL Gallagher walked out on Oasis after his brother Liam threatened him with a guitar which he swung at him "like an axe".

He made the claim in a document he lodged with the High Court in London as part of his defence against a legal action brought against him by Liam.

In it he claims Liam "provoked" a row with him while they were waiting in an airport after he refused to let him advertise his fashion line, Pretty Green, in the band's tour programme.

The document states Liam was so "loud, aggressive and intimidating" that Noel asked to travel separately from his brother while they were on tour.

It goes on to describe a backstage row where Liam is described as being "physically violent".

It states: "He went to his dressing room, fetched his guitar, and on returning began swinging the guitar around in the air like an axe, nearly smashing the Defendant (Noel Gallagher) in the face with it."


The documents go on to list further examples of what is described as Liam's "abusive behaviour" including leaving "offensive" messages on Noel's wife's mobile phone.

Liam started legal action against Noel earlier this year after he was enraged by comments made by his guitarist brother in which he alleged the singer pulled out of a festival appearance because of a hangover.

He also disputed Noel's story about how the seeds of Oasis's split were fuelled by the row over Pretty Green.

The frontman said he issued the High Court writ against his brother because he said he wanted Oasis fans and festival-goers "to know the truth".

Noel walked out on Oasis after a row moments before a festival in Paris two years ago. But Liam said his brother's comments had gone beyond "rock-and-roll banter and questioned my professionalism".

"This is not about money, all I want is a full apology from Noel," he said.