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Lewis determined to win Nicole back


 Lewis Hamilton. Photo: Getty

Lewis Hamilton. Photo: Getty

Lewis Hamilton. Photo: Getty

LEWIS Hamilton's relationship with Nicole Scherzinger could be back on track. The two split last month after five years together due to their demanding and hectic work schedules.

But last week Lewis flew by private jet to LA, where he made his way to the former Pussycat Doll's house for a heart-to-heart.

Nicole returned to the UK after the visit to begin work on the boot camp stage of The X Factor.

Lewis is determined to win Nicole back, and the Formula One driver has been heartbroken since their split.

"I'm trying my hardest to be positive," he said last month.

"I'm going through a really tough time at the moment with the loss of someone really special in my life. My world's turned upside down."

Two weeks ago he dedicated his Hungarian Grand Prix victory to her.

"It's not been the easiest few months," he said. "It feels a little bit odd without that someone here – but I would say now that these are one of those races you want to dedicate to that someone."

While both Nicole and Lewis seem determined to make things work their timetables are set to become even more frantic. Nicole is facing into a busy season on the X Factor and Lewis will be racing around the globe; in the next few months he'll be in Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Texas and India.

Lewis and Nicole began dating after they met at the MTV awards in Berlin in 2007.

And Nicole had stated that she would love to have children with Lewis.

"I am the happiest I have ever been right now," she previously said.

"Lewis is such an amazing, humble and chivalrous guy."