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Leinster boys support Killian's Transformation bid

OPERATION TRANSFORMATION leader Killian Byrne has revealed his delight to get the backing of the Leinster rugby team.

The dad-of-two, who is a former president of the Leinster Rugby Supporters' Club, admitted he was thrilled when he saw Rob Kearney and Bernard Jackman wish him good luck on his social networking site.

Killian told the Herald of his joy to receive the thumbs up from his sporting heroes: "I've got huge support from them, Rob [Kearney] and Bernard [Jackman] tweeted me after Wednesday's weigh-in.

"It's great to see support from those kinds of guys who you see on TV or on the pitch," he said.

It is because of Killian's love for the sport and the special father-and-son occasions at games that he decided to apply for the RTE dieting series.

"Myself and my six-year-old son Keith go to all the home games in the RDS, we have season tickets so it's great to get some father-and-son time.

"That is one of the reasons I'm doing Operation Transformation, so we can enjoy plenty more of that time in the future," he added.

Killian kicked off his weight loss journey with a bang and triumphed in the group this week as the only leader to shed a stone.

"I'm over the moon with such a good start, it is easier to lose a stone when you've let the weight build up like I have, but it's a great kickstart to the whole experience.

"I didn't think I would've lost that much. I could feel that my clothes were looser and I could take off my wedding ring, but it was brilliant to hear Kathryn actually say the amount," he said.

"I'm already well on my way to reaching my target weight, which is fantastic."