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Leigh's new role left up in the air

ACTRESS Leigh Arnold's role playing a Cheryl Cole lookalike in stage production, The Wow Factor, looks to be in jeopardy.

The show looks set to be pulled after the script for the play went missing this week.

The Herald can reveal the only manuscript for the satirical drama, which was due to take to the stage in the coming weeks, has become the casualty of an airline mix-up which saw the bag carrying the script disappear without a trace last Wednesday.

Playwright David Gilna had been travelling home to Dublin from Lanzarote, where he had spent a week putting the finishing touches to the script, when his baggage was lost.

According to the ambitious young talent: "I'm pretty devastated about it to be honest.

"As silly as it sounds I like to handwrite everything rather than type it on a computer and I had just finished the script while I was away in Lanzarote.

"On the way back I decided to put it in my check-in baggage for safe-keeping, but that turned out to be a disastrous move because my bag went missing so now I've no idea where it is.

"I went over there to get away from it all and get some peace and quiet so I could concentrate on my writing.

"I've been working on the script for months and had a really important meeting with the producers on Friday, ahead of casting next week," he added.

David is now hoping that his bag will be retrieved over the weekend, as if not, he will have to begin rewriting the entire script.

"I've been on to the airline a couple of times but there's no sign of it yet," he explained.

"I'm just praying it turns up because otherwise I'm going to have to start writing the whole thing again.


"I would remember a good chunk of it but obviously there was some material that will be lost forever if I don't get it back," he said.

Former star of RTE's The Clinic, Leigh Arnold was due to play the role of judge Mia Cole in the new stage production, which is based on hit ITV show, The X Factor. The production is said to fall into the same category as Risteard Cooper's Apres Match and, if it goes ahead, is expected to go down a storm with fans of Simon Cowell's show.

Among those due to join Leigh on stage is infamous panto star Joe Conlon, who is set to play the character of Jenny the Jaguar, the owner of the theatre where the Wow Factor is shot.

Singer and television presenter, Kellie Blaise is also due to take a break from her blossoming career in LA to star in the production.

The Dublin star is well known in showbiz circles and has befriended a host of Hollywood celebs, including Kelly Osbourne, during her time in the States.