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Leigh's loving her new mum role so much... she's pregnant again!

THE pint-sized star is thrilled to be welcoming in a new little brother or sister for her young son Hunter, whom she had with partner Steve Davies just seven months ago.

The former Clinic actress (32), who'll be hitting our small screens in 2013 with TV3's new big-budget show Deception, confirmed the good news this week as she explained how she's due in "early summer", making her just over three months gone.

Posting up a pic of her adorable baby son, she announced the good news about her 'Irish twins' as she wrote on her Facebook: "Can't get any cuter than this so we thought, what the hell, let's do it again."

The well-known beauty is clearly embracing the joys of motherhood and is wasting no time when it comes to adding to her growing brood, given that Hunter is going to be just over a year old when she welcomes in her new baby.

It was this time last year that she also confirmed that she was expecting her first baby with her businessman partner Steve -- and she has taken to her new role like a duck to water.

She went over her due date last April, and she eventually had to have an emergency C-section in a Manchester hospital before welcoming the young tot to the world. However, she didn't let the small matter of having a one-month-old son get in the way of her passion for acting after starting filming on TV3 programme Deception shortly after giving birth.

She auditioned for the part of Catriona in the show about the demise of the Celtic Tiger, just 10 days after becoming a mum, and was delighted when she won the role, spending six weeks filming in Galway.


"I was a brand new mum and I got the call about the part. I didn't think anything would come of it, so when they offered me the roll of Catriona, I couldn't believe it.

"I said to them, 'look, I have a new-born baby, is that going to be a problem?' And they said 'no, we'll work around that'.".

And she has spoken about how she's been blessed when it comes to her baby.

"I'm very fortunate in that Hunter is such a happy baby -- he literally wakes up smiling so we've been blessed," she said.

"I spent a month working in Spiddal and it was just a magical place to be with a new baby. I had spent a lot of time in the west of Ireland as a child and it was lovely going for these beautiful walks and getting to know all the locals.

"I have been offered some other jobs recently but none of them felt like the right parts for me -- this one just felt right in my gut. I was really excited about it and the fact that it was back in Ireland and not filming for too long, it was just a nice gig to get."