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Leigh sinks her teeth into new role as vampire

Leigh Arnold is continuing to make a big splash with her new web drama series about a vampire queen called Mariana.

The former Clinic actress has sunk her teeth in her new role by taking part in an online competition called StoryLand which sees her playing a sultry bloodsucker.

Running until June, the contest sees members of the public voting for their favourite of the four different series, with Leigh's Mariana already developing a cult following among Ireland's 'Tweenies'.

This week sees Dragon's Den judge Gavin Duffy joining in the fun as he has unexpectedly popped up in rival series Zombie Bashers, where he is filmed dishing out advice.

The four dramas were all chosen from an open competition in which aspiring programme makers were invited to make a pitch for a six-part drama series webcast on RTE. And the public can now vote until March 22 for their favourite programme and decide which series will be comm-issioned for a fourth episode.

Last year's winner Hardy Bucks achieved over two million hits online.