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Leigh gives back her free Fiat

ACTRESS Leigh Arnold is set to hand back the keys to her free Fiat 500 car this week, saying she is no longer comfortable driving a free car.

The former star of RTE's now defunct medical series, The Clinic, has been a brand ambassador for the company for the past three years and claims it was a mutual decision between her and Fiat to terminate the contract.

Amy Huberman has just taken delivery of the latest version of the 500, but Leigh insists that she feels it is her responsibility to plough money back into the economy, given the dire state of the country's financial situation at present.

Leigh (30) will return her free car before the end of the week and is now looking forward to buying her own.

"Basically, we had a chat a couple of weeks ago and discussed it and I told them that I had decided to [go on my own]," she told the Herald.

"I wanted to get a car that I had paid for completely out of my own money, so that I could be really proud of it because I'd earned it through my hard work.

"I've had a wonderful couple of years working with Fiat and we were very lucky to have these beautiful, gorgeous cars for as long as we had them, but I wanted to buy something myself that I'll have forever and ever.

"I think it's just not really acceptable at the moment to be accepting free things when everyone is struggling and we should really try and support our own and buy Irish products in particular," she added.