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Leigh and Virginia kiss and make up over spat in Salon

TV personality Virginia Macari insists that a heated exchange of words with fellow Celebrity Salon co-star Leigh Arnold was quickly forgotten about.

The Diary can reveal how the high-profile ladies have long since kissed and made up after last night's episode of the TV3 reality show -- which showed them having a spat.

Viewers tuning into the episode will have seen the claws come out between the glamorous pair when they clashed over an interview Leigh had previously given which questioned Virginia's acting abilities.

After being pulled up on the issue by Virginia, former Clinic star Leigh (30) could be seem storming angrily from the room. However the pair, who were inseparable at last week's official launch party of the show at Cafe en Seine, claim that off camera all was immediately resolved.

"It's all just the way it was edited," the fashion designer turned TV star explained. "Myself and Leigh are great friends and we had a laugh about it afterwards.

"What people didn't see was that I followed her and we sorted it out there and then.

"I have so much time for Leigh and it was one of those things I regretted immediately after bringing it up.

Meanwhile Virginia (32) admits that she was less than impressed when she found herself having to wax notorious ladies. man Breffny Morgan's chest on the same programme.

The Irish-Italian socialite, who is very much loved-up with her long-term beau, Norwegian Kaste Dahl, explained how she put the former Apprentice star firmly in his box when he attempted to flirt with her.

The chatty brunette went on to explain how she accidentally left the Harvard graduate in immense pain when she neglected to trim his chest hair before waxing.

"Basically there was six of us and only five drag queens turned up to get their chests done so I was told I would be waxing Breffny." she said. "He was a bit cheeky while I was doing it but I just ignored him to be honest and kept going with my task.

"He reminded me of that film The 40-Year-Old Virgin, he was so hairy.

" I wouldn't have been familiar with the idea that you're meant to trim the chest hair before waxing it and poor Breffny ended up with lots of bruising and scabbing as a result.

"He told me that he couldn't wear tight t-shirts for weeks after that," she laughed.

The series, which also features Pippa O'Connor, Brian Dowling and Celia Holman Lee will continue to air for the next two weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays.