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Laura's blog is the write stuff as she records her dark side

Model Laura Toogood has turned her hand to writing in yet another career move.

The Herald can reveal how the Assets model has clearly aspired to follow in the footsteps of actress Amy Huberman with some chick-lit ambitions of her own.

The former beau of RTE's Ryan Tubridy and competitive show jumper has just started her own blog, chronicling all the latest exploits in her glitzy life.

She explained how she was prompted into writing her first blog post, entitled Tales Of The Pink Bike, after turning 25.

Laura, who is currently dating Leigh Arnold's brother Nicky, said she wanted to use it as a tool for "chronicling some of my thoughts, ideas and experiences over the coming months".

And the socialite has revealed how her decision to snub her blonde locks and go dark for the first time was a massive image change for her.

And Laura says that she had to delete her hairdresser Richard Keaveney's number from her phone in case she was tempted to change back.

"As the darkening process began I sat nervously in the chair, desperately trying to visualise myself as a brunette.

"Suddenly images of a very pale Morticia Addams crept into my mind and I grabbed the closest magazine, desperately searching for a less-severe image to ease my nerves.

"Jennifer Lopez came to the rescue; she looks fabulous with her dark hair, but then again she is also Latino! One of my childhood idols, Cameron Diaz, was the ultimate blonde in my teenage years but when she went dark I disliked it. I began to sweat at the thought of losing my lightened locks and proceeded to sit in complete silence whilst Richard continued with the five-hour process. It was too late to turn back.


"I had a love-hate relationship with my new brunette look for a week. One minute I would feel delighted with the change and the next minute I would pine for the return of my blonde locks. I realised it was purely the change that was unnerving and not the colour itself, so I decided to delete Richard's number for a week for fear of calling him during an irrational moment and making him change it back."

However, now she says she adores standing out from the rest of the modelling crowd and being different.

"I have now been dark for nearly three months and I am embracing my new hair colour. My hair is already healthier and the colouring maintenance is significantly lower.

"I have had to adapt my wardrobe slightly; I love to wear colour, and at first I found it more difficult to wear colour with this hair, however this is something I am working on, and for the winter months does not create great cause for concern."