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Laura - running around after my boys is perfect diet

TV3 presenter Laura Woods (36) has revealed how she has a new-found body confidence following the birth of her two children.

The Ireland AM star turned heads at the recent VIP Style Awards in a blue, full-length Fran & Jane gown teamed with Stella & Dot jewellers.

And she said she never put herself under any pressure to lose the weight after having her two babies with hubbie Mark Arigho.

"I'm a firm believer in 'nine months on and nine months off' when it comes to the weight and I've got two small boys now – the baby was one yesterday and I have a three year old, so they're a great diet! I just run around after them," she said.

"I've been every size at this stage so to me as long as I can wear a pair of heels and have a good night I'm sorted."


She gave birth to her first baby Ben in November 2010, followed by baby Alex in April 2013 – but she hasn't let motherhood slow her down.

As well as filling in regularly on Ireland AM, she's currently working on new 3e show Young Social Innovators which airs on May 9.

And Laura has also set up her own company with Brian Ormond called Corporate Profiles.

The high-profile pair have decided to put all that TV experience to good use to help clients make quality corporate videos for a wide range of industries.

But she admits that it can be a struggle juggling motherhood with her work-life. And she did have a little bit of a cry when she first sent her youngster to the creche.

She uses the same childcare facility in Rathfarnham that is favoured by fellow TV3 faces like Colette Fitzpatrick.

"I did have a bit of a blub on the first morning and a little bit of guilt," she added.

"But you have that guilt whether you work one day a week, five days a week or don't work at all, so that's life and it's the same with women everywhere.

"It suits me really well in that I love what I do and I still have my work and time with my boys.

She walked down the aisle with her part-Spanish architect husband Mark in 2009 when they got married at a lavish bash in Slane Castle.

And she said she couldn't do any of it without his amazing support.

"Mark is great with the boys and was always a hands-on dad, as much as he can be when he's working as well," she added.