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Laura not feeling Toogood after her record run

ASSETS beauty Laura Toogood has been struck down with heat exhaustion following her completion of The Great Edinburgh Run.

The 25-year-old model completed the 10k race in an impressive time of 54 minutes and 13 seconds, but admits that she pushed herself too far in a bid to beat her own previous record.

"At first I was absolutely delighted because it was my best time yet, but that's probably the reason I'm sick now," she told the Diary.

"Basically I was in such a rush to get to the finish line that my body ended up over-heating slightly which left me feeling very faint and that can sometimes do damage to your muscles.

"I'm just starting to recover now by drinking lots of water, taking extra vitamins and having energy drinks like Lucozade to rehydrate.

"Obviously I can't drink alcohol under any circumstances until I'm back to normal so it was a very quiet weekend for me.


"I didn't get to attend the Lillie's summer party on Sunday night as I had planned," she added.

Laura was due to meet up with her longterm boyfriend, Nicky Arnold, brother of actress Leigh, and a group of pals but had to send her regrets when she was too ill to travel. Instead, the model spent the evening with her parents and brother James, who had all taken part.