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Laura is off to the jungle...but pining for a taste of home

TV presenter Laura Whitmore may seem to live an impossibly charmed life.

When she's not jetting around the world interviewing celebrities, or DJing at exclusive London clubs, she's attending catwalk shows and hanging out with her rock star boyfriend and lead singer of The Coronas, Danny O'Reilly.

But Laura insists she's just a regular girl who loves nothing more then tucking into a Chinese takeaway in Dublin and whose first job in a pizza shop taught her all about hard work.

"There are little Irish things that I really miss when I'm in London," she told the Herald. "Like Charlie's Chinese restaurant, they don't have Chinese takeaways like that in London."


The Bray native's favourite dish is the modest culinary masterpiece; the three-in-one, comprising chips, curry sauce and fried rice.

"They don't have three-in-ones in London. No one knows what a three-in-one is over there."

While she may enjoy the simple things in her private life, Laura's career is anything but low-key.

The 27-year-old will be heading Down Under in the three weeks to start filming for the next series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here ... Now!

The bubbly blonde replaced former host Caroline Flack last year in what was a major career move.

"I can't believe it's been a year, the time has come round so quick. I'm really excited; I have a lot to do before I go though."

Working on the show is an intense slog for Laura, who says the filming schedule is very intense.

"My alarm goes off 10.30 at night, I'm picked up at midnight and I'm on set at 1am. Then throughout the night we watch the footage, have meetings and rehearse. It's intense, we have no days off."

But Laura said there are some advantages to working through the night. "The good thing is that you wrap at 9am which is nice. And then you're having a glass of wine at 10am," she laughed.

It also means that she is able to chat with Danny. "Because I'm on UK time I can still ring him. So we can call each other at night time before going to bed."

The Coronas frontman, will be touring when Laura is in Oz and is planning to spend a few days with her on set.

"He's coming over at the very end for five days, which is great because last year he wasn't able to come over at all."

The pair have been dating for over a year and live together in Laura's East End home. But, despite owning her own place, Laura is unsure if she'll settle in London.

"I don't see myself settling anywhere at all really. Buying the house was just a practicality thing. Rent is so expensive in London that financially it just made more sense."

In 2008, Laura beat some 3,000 applicants on Pick Me MTV to win a presenting gig and has never looked back. She puts her success down to old-fashioned hard work.

"MTV is a totally different to any other station. It's a small team. No one is just 'talent' and that's it. In MTV they say 'Okay Laura, you can carry that camera,' and I think that's a really good thing."

The doe-eyed DJ said she rarely gets star struck interviewing celebs but admits that she was taken back when she met her schoolgirl crush and lead singer of the Foo Fighters Dave Grohl.

"I always say that Dave Grohl was a bit overwhelming. And for reasons other than I'm just a fan of his music."