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Late festive fun fir fit Teodora

KEEPING in tip-top shape is no mean feat, but it certainly helps when your other half is a personal trainer.

Model Teodora Sutra has the distinct advantage of knowing that her beefy boyfriend James Murphy, who owns Zest Fitness, will constantly push her to work-out in the gym.

And the Latvian-born blonde beauty saidt hat she's particularly grateful this month.

"It's pretty handy that James's job is to be fit and healthy, so we're working out a lot together at the moment," she said.

"Now that it's January, I'm happy to get back into it because you really want to get into a good routine. Hopefully, I'll keep it up, but we'll just have to wait and see.

"Our housemate Cynthia is joining in on the training sessions too, so that helps."

Taking time out from the catwalk, Teodora is off to Latvia with her mother next week to spend time with their relations.

"We're heading off for three weeks, so I'm very excited," she said.

"My older sister and my dad live there, so it's actually going to be like a second Christmas for us.

"I'm in the middle of stocking up on loads of presents."