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Laidback The Script impress in the US

THE SCRIPT are set for international stardom.

The Dublin trio are taking the US by storm with appearances on two of the biggest shows in the country, and revealed that they will be playing a massive gig in Central Park this June.

The boys have kept their feet firmly on the ground -- and Today Show host Matt Lauer commented on how refreshing it was to see a young band remain down to earth.

Danny O'Donoghue, Glen Power and Mark Sheehan all took to the stage of the David Letterman Show on Tuesday night, followed by a performance on The Today Show.

During their stint on the morning show, Lauer said: "We love having you here because we feel as if we've been watching you from the beginning. What a year.

"What I like also is, when you guys come here -- we've had groups come on in the past that have had huge years and the first time they come, it's just the five of them. The next time, there's 55 people here, they've got the entourage and you seem to have avoided that somehow."

-- Caitlin McBride