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LA hasn't worked out, so Caroline jets home to find work

ASPIRING Hollywood A-Lister Caroline Morahan has finally admitted defeat in her bid to make it in America.

The outspoken TV presenter, who compared herself to Angelina Jolie as she embarked on her doomed US bid for stardom, will relaunch her Irish career this summer.

Caroline has failed to land a meaningful acting role in Tinseltown and will set her sights on more realistic projects this summer.


The Diary can reveal how the former Off The Rails host has been approached about presenting a brand new fashion series, which is due to be filmed in the capital next July and August.

However, ambitious Caroline insists she hasn't entirely given up on America and in particular the glam LA lifestyle.

Instead the 33-year-old, who is already due to jet home for a number of work commitments in her capacity as brand ambassador for a high street chain, is hoping to combine the two.

"Caroline is in talks about doing a new series later in the year," said a TV insider.

"The production company in question is really keen to get her, in light of her previous fashion presenting background and high profile, and are hoping they will be able to co-ordinate the dates around her schedule.

"It was due to be filmed last summer but had to be delayed by a year due to funding problems.

"They are now hoping it will be all systems go for July, although it hasn't been confirmed what station it will air on yet."

Caroline last year co-hosted TV3 series The Cosmetic Surgery Show alongside Dr Robert Ray, shooting the series during a visit home over the Christmas holidays.

The former Podge and Rodge presenter is said to have had talks with TV bosses in relation to the upcoming project during a recent whirlwind trip home for the IFTAs last month.


Since quitting Ireland for the bright lights of Hollywood almost two years ago, Caroline has been a frequent visitor back to Dublin as work prospects dried up.

"I get home a lot, it's not like the old days when you got on a flight and then you were never seen again," she said.

"Not being able to just jump in the car and see my family and friends whenever I like can be very difficult but thankfully they've been very supportive. Skype, I must say, is a great thing."


And while the Glasnevin beauty admits she occasionally gets homesick, she says she fell in love with the Californian lifestyle.

"LA is a great metaphor for life in general, in that what you make of it is what you have," she explained.

"Personally, I adore it. I have met really warm people, there's an incredible mix of cultures, which I love.

"There's also great food and of course sunshine, which doesn't hurt.

"Every day there is the opportunity to go out and audition, to shoot your own films, to be involved in projects and that's why I wanted to be there, to do that."