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Kutcher sorry for sex scandal tweet

HOLLYWOOD star Ashton Kutcher has apologised after tweeting several messages about an alleged child sex abuse scandal at a US university.

Kutcher is handing over operation of his Twitter account to his personal management after he tweeted about the firing of Penn State sports coach Joe Paterno.

Kutcher defended the American football coach on Twitter before learning the details of the alleged scandal swirling around former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

Kutcher then apologised on Twitter. He followed with a blog post saying he would have Katalyst Media manage his Twitter feed as "a secondary editorial measure to ensure the quality of its content".

Kutcher, who has more than 8.2 million followers, said Twitter had grown beyond more than "a fun tool".

The 33-year-old Two And A Half Men star said the platform has become "too big" for him to manage alone.

The move came as Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett asked Penn State students to refrain from violence after rioting wracked their college town following the firing of Paterno, saying the nation was watching their behaviour.

Mr Corbett also expressed disappointment in Paterno and university president Graham Spanier, who were fired by university trustees for their handling of the allegations.


Thousands of students took to the streets earlier this week after Paterno's dismissal, overturning a TV news van and throwing rocks and bottles at police.

"I believe in your right of assembly and your right to express your opinions," Mr Corbett said. "I do not believe, nor does anyone believe, in your right to violence."

"The crowd initially was a peaceful demonstration against coach Paterno's firing. The crowd quickly turned from a peaceful demonstration to a riotous mob," State College police said in a statement.

Paterno had said he planned to retire after the season and expressed remorse for not having done more after he learned of sex abuse allegations that had been lodged against Sandusky. However the board of trustees announced his immediate firing.