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Krystle went crazy as our boys came of age in India

Coming from a big cricketing country such as Sri Lanka, it's unbelievable to have witnessed such an historic sporting day.

We're all shell shocked because we never thought Ireland would beat a big team like England. But surrounded by the fans in Krystle, it brought home the sense of elation in Bangalore.

We beat Pakistan in 2007 which was great -- but this is just phenomenal.

Kevin O'Brien got 100 runs in 50 balls -- the first man ever to do that at the World Cup. He got the longest six in the tournament so far.

It was phenomenal to watch it and the fans in Krystle just erupted. When you see the place decorated in green and fans in their jerseys all cheering, it brings the game alive even though you're thousands of miles away.

The Irish team is close to my heart. Kevin worked as a barman here in the Russell Court Hotel on Harcourt Street, of which I'm co-owner, and I played cricket with a lot of these Irish guys.

And even though I've seen their dedication, hard graft, and will power, I genuinely thought it was a big ask for them to win at half-time. I didn't think we'd do it.

For a non-Test playing country to beat the country that invented the game, it's a great boost for the Irish.

Kevin O'Brien's brothers, Gerard and Conor, were in Krystle alongside the Irish international ladies cricket team, the Rathmines Cricket Club, the Phoenix Club, the Old Belvedere, Pembroke, Merrion, YMCA, and Clontarf Cricket Club.

The phone calls haven't stopped. You can hardly describe it. We're like an old family, and we all feel part of this -- a lot of our people were in tears today.

I'm a cricket lover and I'm glad to see this put Ireland on a different level, and to see the cricket lovers joy in Krystle is like winning the lotto.