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Klassy clothes from the Kardashians? Yes, it's true -- and we can't get enough

WHO'D have thought it? We sneer and snigger at the OTT Kardashian women, with their made-for-TV lives and silly obsessions and crassness. But we just love their clothes.

Known for their bold colours and brassy numbers, the Kardashian sisters are not usually at the top of my most fashionable celebrity list. Well, they're probably not at the top of anyone's most fashionable list.

While their curvaceous figures make them hot property, the Kardashian Kollection just had to scream cheap and tacky rather than effortless and classy.

And at first glance, the clothes lived right down to my expectations. Ooh, I thought, leopard print tops are just sooo Kardashian. And they've got shoulder pads! And so do the clingy dresses.


But I was wrong. The Kardashian Kollection is, gulp, a bit 'klassy'.

Launched last Thursday in Dorothy Perkins, across Ireland and the UK, it's now almost sold-out here.

The new line features looks inspired by the sisters -- Kourtney, Kim and Khloe.

And for a pocket-friendly €94, I was able to get a dress and top, which looked quite good.

Despite my initial hesitation, the Kardashian have fitted their clothes to flatter and both garments moulded quite well to my body shape.

After trying on the clothes, the transformation was complete and I had been converted from a Kardashian critic to an admirer of their bold, yet sophisticated range.

According to fashion expert Brendan Courtney, the range will be a hit for women who want to embrace their curves in figure-hugging outfits made famous by the sisters.

Not one to hold back his tongue, Off The Rails host Brendan is actually impressed with the way that the girls have embraced their curves, particularly "hippy" Kim.

"I think Kim is a great role model because she is a hippy girl and she's not afraid of it and I think that makes her a great fashion ambassador," Brendan said.

While the clothing range may not be everyone's cup of tea, the Kardashian line is definitely pocket-friendly.

"I think there are some clever dresses in there. You can't argue with the price points. They are very affordable and I'm relieved that they are so well priced," Brendan added.


While the clothing line has been recommended for Kardashian fans under the age of 25, the range has been popular among all ages and is in strong demand.

Dorothy Perkins stores in Jervis, Liffey Valley and Blanchardstown all reported extremely busy weekend sales.

A spokesperson said: "The excitement, the buzz, around this collection has been incredible. The Kardashian girls obviously have a huge following here and you can see each of the sisters has input their personal taste into the line."

In Liffey Valley, the stock is almost gone and they're getting in another order later this week.