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Kirk shys away from being gay cover boy

Sad news now for those of us eagerly awaiting the arrival of Kirk McCambley on our magazine stands. It seems that Iris Robinson's well-built former lover may be rather more publicity shy than was first thought.

He has been quite a hit since his rise to notoriety following the BBC documentary which first suggested his relationship with the wife of Northern Ireland's First Minister could be more than professional.

As well as attracting almost 6,000 members to the online Kirk McCambley Appreciation Society, the 21-year old entrepreneur was, over the weekend, invited to pose on the cover of Attitude, one of the UK's best-known gay magazines.

"We think our readers would go as wild for him as Iris obviously did," said the glossy's editor, Matthew Todd. "We'd love for him to get in touch."

Alas, after a week's worth of chasing, we hear that Attitude has still not convinced Mr McCambley to make his modelling debut.

"He hasn't returned any of our calls yet," explains Todd. "I imagine he's keen to keep his head down -- but the door is open to him."

Kirk, you know who to call.