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King and queen: Meyers falls for model Katie

The Tudors star Meyers is reportedly dating Belfast model and TV Presenter Katie Larmour (25) after the pair met on the set of the popular historical drama.

But just last month the gorgeous brunette described herself as single after bouncing from one relationship to the next.

And in a telling remark, Larmour, who co-presents UTV series Live At The Limelight, said that she was holding out for someone extra special before she decided to take the plunge again.

"I had gone from one boyfriend to the next since I was at school, I realised that I'd been a serial girlfriend. I decided I wouldn't go out with anyone just for the sake of it anymore," she explained.

But it seems that her single spell has definitely come to a quick end after she struck up a new friendship with the award-winning Cork born actor.