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'Killing Bono' movie crew mourn actor Pete

actor Pete Postlethwaite filmed his final movie in Dublin -- and the cast and crew of the film, Killing Bono, are now planning a tribute to the star.

Director Nick Hamm was a friend and colleague of the actor, who died at the weekend after a long battle with cancer.

Pete (64) had been determined to keep on working, even through chemotherapy, Nick said. He took up a role in the movie, based on Neil McCormick's memoir Killing Bono: I Was Bono's Doppelganger, which was shot in Ireland.

"It was a year ago this month that we were shooting in Dublin and Belfast," said Nick, who directed it. "He was going through chemotherapy at the time. It was the last film we did together -- he was ill when he started filming."

"He told me before he started that he had cancer," Nick explained. "But he said that he needed to do this."

The story follows the McCormick brothers, whose attempts at stardom are eclipsed by school friends Bono and the Edge.

The film's producers created a part for Pete in the film that would allow him to be as comfortable as possible.

However, nobody on the set of the film, or even Pete himself, could have guessed that the stomach cancer would be terminal, Nick said.

"He really wanted to do it," Nick added. "I said to him 'You don't need to do this, you don't need to prove yourself to anyone'.

"But he just wanted the structure of work -- he wanted the process to continue."

Nick knew Pete for 30 years -- they first worked together in the Royal Shakespeare Company in England.

"I spoke to the family before Christmas and at this stage he had moved out of hospital and home," he added. "I miss him hugely."

Nick and the Killing Bono crew are now investigating how to pay tribute to him.