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Kenny tells how his life of women and drink ruined him

OLYMPIC boxing hero Kenny Egan has unveiled the shocking story of his addictions to porn, booze and escort girls as he slid to rock bottom.

In his new autobiography, Kenny Egan -- My Story, penned by Ewan MacKenna, the Dublin-born boxer tells how he hired hookers while representing Ireland at the World Championships.

He was secretly filmed in a threesome involving another boxer as he became addicted to sex, alcohol, porn -- and even Facebook.

The fighter, who has now turned his life around, describes how he was disowned by his family for leaving the country while his dad underwent life-saving surgery.

During the worst times he slept rough while on a bender and regularly got so drunk he wet himself. It was his heartbroken mum Maura who finally shocked him to his senses.

The painfully honest story tells how the captain of the Irish boxing squad at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 descended from the glory of a silver medal into a raging alcoholic with an addiction to porn and one-night stands.

"Sometimes I wish Beijing never happened because it seems cheap to sell yourself for just a single piece of silver," he said.

But now Kenny is battling back from the depths of despair and is even making a comeback -- he's in training for the 2012 London Olympics.