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Kelly: I won't rule out surgery

Kelly Rowland has revealed she's a big fan of her bootylicious figure - but that she would have surgery if she felt she needed it.

The American singer said she was grateful for having a curvy figure.

"I would never want to lose too much weight," she told Closer magazine.

"I love having curves and a bum. Men like something to hold on to!"

The 29-year-old said her weight fluctuated between 9st 3lbs and 10st, adding: "I'm nearer the top end of my weight range at the moment, though I was heavier when I went to the Grammys a few years ago, but everything is in the right place.

"I'm working the long, lean look. I'm around a UK clothes size 8, but sometimes a 10 or even 12 in bottoms, depending on where I shop, but I never worry about it."

However, while she was open to the idea of cosmetic surgery, the former Destiny's child star drew the line at Botox.

She said: "If my b**t is falling I'm going to pick it up. I'm not against it. I'd never have Botox though - no way. I don't want needles stuck in my face, that's going to hurt. I like to have expressions!"

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