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Kelly becomes the model daughter at NY Fashion Week

A newly model-slim Kelly Osbourne was the talk of New York Fashion Week after modelling for Betsey Johnson.

Osbourne emerged as the first model of the evening with a bandana mask, playfully wielding toy pistols before revealing her face. She later emerged in a handlebar mustache.

Some of the looks -- inspired by saloon girls, vagabonds, gamblers and other ne'er-do-wells -- will be available immediately in Betsey Johnson stores, a nod to the reality of fast fashion.

Other looks previewed at New York Fashion Week won't be available until autumn, though customers are eagerly watching online.

Johnson had luck with some of her looks inspired by bank clerks and robbers. Girlier looks with prairie patterns, tiered skirts, corsets and bunching on the behind were less wearable.

But for Johnson, it's all about the show. Sunday's had nods to the death of Alexander McQueen -- a model in a bodysuit held a 'Long Live McQueen' sign -- and a more playful tribute to Valentine's Day, with LOVE written in sequins on models' behinds.