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Keeping mum about our baby news was toughest acting job ever -- Amy

ACTRESS Amy Huberman managed to keep mum about her baby news -- and caught people off-guard as a result.

In an interview with this week's RTE Guide, Amy addressed the baby rumours -- insisting she was not under any pressure.

The interview was conducted before Amy made her pregnancy news public over the weekend.

"A lot of my girlfriends have had babies and are on baby number two now, but they know that I was never gunning for that early on. I wanted to get a certain few things done on the career ladder in the last couple of years which I've managed to do: I wanted to work outside Ireland, I wanted to spread my wings and I felt like I needed to establish myself a bit more," she said.

But hindsight is great -- and reading between the lines, it appears the actress was subtly hinting at the new adventure that lies in store for herself and her husband Brian O'Driscoll.

And, not surprisingly, both are very excited by the news.

Speaking to the Diary backstage at the X Factor, the glowing mum-to-be (32) said herself and husband Brian were overjoyed to be entering the next big chapter of their lives.

"I'm delighted. It's a really exciting time. We are just so happy and the goodwill out there has been amazing," she said.

The actress and author flew to X Factor over the weekend as news of her pregnancy became public.

This is the first child for Amy and Irish rugby captain Brian (33). The couple have been married for two years.

One of Ireland's best-known celebrity couples, they were instantly inundated with messages of congratulations and well-wishes from rugby fans and members of the public.

And Amy clearly wasn't going to let the small matter of a pregnancy get in the way of her social life as she enjoyed all the excitement of the X Factor for the first time.

She had flown over to London's Fountain Studios with her actress pal from The Clinic, Norma Sheahan, who was celebrating her birthday over the weekend.

However, the Herald can reveal how Amy almost didn't make it to the show after the taxi she was travelling in across London was caught up in an accident which caused massive delays en route to the studio.

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