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Keep your clothes on Hannah, says Celia

BRITAIN And Ireland's Next Top Model contestant Hannah Devane need not strip off, a leading modelling scout has claimed.

Celia Holman Lee commented after this week's episode of the Sky Living series, in which the UCD student did a naked shoot.

The fashionista told the Herald that some of the tasks so far in the programme are unrealistic for most Irish models, as only supermodels would be asked to do such controversial shoots.

"Honestly, you don't know what you are going to be asked to do," she said. While she wouldn't have encountered it "at the level" here, models on such reality TV shows are being asked to do a lot more.

"But this is only in the context of top supermodels, not models that would be in Irish agencies, you would never see that here," she revealed.

However Celia (60) admitted that she is enjoying the show and believes that the judging panel are creating some great TV.

"I do think the show is really good but it's a bit unpredictable, the judging panel are unpredictable some of them think the girls are gorgeous and others think they are horrific, but it's obviously got a massive viewership," she said.

Last week's episode saw supermodel Elle Macpherson show her concern for extremely skinny Belfast contestant Stacey (19). But Celia says the issue of weight in the modelling world will always be a concern.

"There is an issue about weight every season, it will always be an issue, until girls get an ass and some boobs," she joked.

The fashionista also revealed that Dublin model Hannah was "doing terrific" on the show, but admitted that she was annoyed more Irish contestants couldn't get involved.

Celia says most Irish agencies weren't even aware that top model Elle was on the streets of Dublin looking for potential supermodels.

The model instructor also hinted at a new home made modelling show, saying girls should "hold tight, and wait for a brand new Irish modelling show."

And sources revealed to the Herald that a new modelling show is indeed on the cards.

"The Model Scouts wasn't really a success, but they are hoping to make something different in the coming months," an insider revealed.