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Kayla comes close to breaking point -- but there will be no more aggro in the jungle

The arrival of an unwanted visitor in the camp and the mystery of a missing cereal bar made a bad day even worse for Playboy bunny Kayla Collins in the I'm A Celebrity jungle..

The American admitted she was at the end of her tether after torrential rain left the camp soaking wet.

"Today is really rough for me, the thing is I'm a really tough, strong girl but I'm just not cut out for this," she said.

"I take on the challenges because I'm not a quitter but I hate it. I go to bed and I pray it's me that's next, I don't want to be here any more."

The model sobbed after the contestants were challenged to play a game to win letters from home but did not manage to complete the task in time meaning her letter went up in flames.

She also lost her temper with Dom Joly after she became convinced someone had stolen a cereal bar the celebrities had won in a game.

Joly told her to calm down but she snapped back: "I'm not having a hissy fit but you know what really makes me mad?... Never mind, you know what? F*** you."

The arrival of a Cane Toad which appeared close to her bed did not help her mood either.

"That thing looks really mean. It's just staring at me. He is looking right at me with evil eyes."

Meanwhile, the camp will be just six-strong today following the eviction of rapper Aggro Santos.

The 22-year-old said his time in the camp had helped him "mature" and he denied there was a rift between the older and younger celebrities.

"I don't feel there was a divide, I felt really fortunate to be around everyone being older than me. I felt I could learn a lot from everyone," he said. "It has helped me to mature as a person.

The rapper, who won 15 stars from a number of challenges, was in the final two for eviction with Kayla.

"I thought it would all be much harder but when you're here it's still scary, it still gets to you but you're under pressure to do things for your camp."

Santos revealed he wanted Stacey Solomon or Shaun Ryder to win the series.

Earlier in the show, Solomon found herself sitting in a giant pie after drawing the short straw as the camp decided who would face the next Bushtucker trial.

The pie moved along a conveyor belt and Solomon was drenched in offal, worms, cockroaches and vegetables as it moved through different checkpoints.

At each stage she had to find the stars hidden among the slimy ingredients.

In the final section, Solomon had to use her mouth to catch the stars hanging above the line but missed the first and used her hand to get the second, causing it to be disallowed.

"I just couldn't get the stars in my mouth. I know you were thinking: 'She's got a big enough mouth why couldn't she get it in?'

"I'm gutted to only get three stars, I might as well just go and kill myself."