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Katy, you hypocrite -- that's a little TOO much information

WE'RE all guilty of hypocrisy now and again, but there's a certain breed of celebrity that could win awards for the sheer breathtaking extent of their double standards.

And one Katy Perry could be considered a worthy winner.

The new Mrs Russell Brand is the latest to reveal her two-faced credentials in a nauseating interview with Grazia magazine.

Thanks to her tell-all chat, we're now uncomfortably familiar with far more of Katy and Russell's life than we ever wanted to know.

In case you've managed to escape news of these remarkable titbits, here's a quick synopsis.

Katy and Russell planned "an experience" this festive season instead of exchanging gifts. (No, we haven't a clue what she means either).

Russell gave Katy black diamonds on their first date and compared her to a mermaid. (Pardon me while I retch).

Katy and Russell want "lots of children".

Thankfully, Katy is quite the dynamo in the bedroom and likes to perform X-rated "magic tricks" for Russell, so they're ideally placed for a spot of conception.

Granted, she's a celebrity. And we all know that celebrities are genetically programmed to spew the most intimate details in order to soak up the publicity that is oxygen to their lives.


But let's not forget that this is the same Katy who, just two months ago, publicly bleated for privacy ahead of her marriage to the curly-haired one.

This is a couple who took the high moral ground by refusing to sell photographs of their wedding day.

But fast forward two months and Katy has given us far more of an insight into married life than any normal person would deem to be inappropriate.

I don't have this level of detail about any of my own married friends.

Perhaps I'm being a bit hard on her.

After all, it's no easy job being married to a man who wears high heels, so the poor girl can be forgiven for singing like a canary to all and sundry.

But seriously, isn't it time we showed self-obsessed celebrities that they're playing a dangerous game?

With her no-holds-barred interview, Katy is guilty of dangling personal details like a carrot, using the media when it suits her.

What, dare I ask, will happen when the first of these "lots of children" appears?

Having revealed so much information to a magazine about her hopes for a family, will she retain the right to shout 'stop' when the cameras come looking for a photograph of the Brand-Perry progeny?

Katy, your star is currently on the rise, so you're a media darling.

But as you'll some day discover to your cost, it won't always be like that.

Perhaps the wisest thing to do now would be to keep your marriage to yourself while all is rosy.

Because if things turn ugly, as they often do, your pleas for privacy may fall on deaf ears.