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Kathryn's hopes of TV work in US 'boosted by Voice role'

SHE hosts The Voice Of Ireland but Kathryn Thomas could soon be working on her dream job in the States.

There was heightened interest last July when the 33-year-old revealed she planned to meet American TV bosses on a trip to LA.

Now back in Dublin, her spokeswoman, Joanne Byrne, has revealed a number of 'strong meetings' took place which could lead to the Carlow woman working Stateside.

"The meetings did take place and they went really well. Watch this space is all we can say.

"Kathryn is committed to her work with RTE on The Voice of Ireland and Operation Transformation but, as with any presenters, the more you work abroad, the more you learn, and bring back those skills to Irish TV," said Joanne.

A big boost to Kathryn's CV is her job as the host of The Voice Of Ireland.

"The Voice opens doors a hell of a lot quicker in LA. It's been a huge show in America so anyone good enough to host The Voice in another territory is somebody executives in LA want to meet," added Joanne.



Kathryn admitted that on a previous trip to LA, she called up some of the biggest players in the US TV industry to introduce herself.

"I made it my business to go to Universal and to E! and meet the people who make TV out there.

"I wanted to know what it was like and, to be honest, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would," she said.

Kathryn also spent time with her sister Linda in Los Angeles, who relocated to Malibu after landing a job with Google.

Back covering on John Murray's RTE Radio One slot, Kathryn has also been attracting media attention with a new unidentified boyfriend, her first since splitting last year from Garda Enda Waters.

An insider said that, like Waters, Kathryn's new man was "not in the media or high profile".