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Kathryn denies LA work move

KATHRYN Thomas has insisted she is not looking to break into the US market when she travels to LA later this summer.

The RTE presenter said she was only planning her trip State-side to help her sister, Deirdre, with her move.

"I don't know where the work rumours are coming from. My sister is moving over and I'm going out to help her. I have friends out there and I've looked at the TV scene, but I don't think I could live in LA.



"I'm very interested to see how the industry works anywhere but I'm definitely not going over with the intention of looking for work," she said.

The popular presenter, who has another year left on her contract with the national broadcaster, said she was confident both The Voice and Operation Transformation would be recommissioned.

And with her hectic schedule, she hasn't found time to return to the dating scene.

"But I love my work and I have great friends and to me it doesn't feel like losing out," she added.