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Katherine's special tribute to 'the wittiest man I've ever known'

SHE earns her living by making us laugh with her zany collection of characters, but popular comedienne Katherine Lynch has been putting on a brave front in recent weeks following the devastating loss of her father.

The RTE presenter returned to the small screen with a second series of her outrag-eous comedy show Wagon's Den, fronted by man-mad Sheila Chic, earlier this month.

But behind the scenes the Leitrim lass has been dealing with her grief.

Katherine explained she's been throwing herself into her work since her dad Tom died on January 28. She is very close to her mother, Maureen, who has appeared on previous series of the show with her and says the close-knit family have been supporting each other.

"All I would say is that he was one of the wittiest men I've ever known and we all miss him dearly," Katherine told the Diary.

The bubbly comedienne made her first public appearance since her loss earlier this week when she stepped out to Kylie Minogue's Aphrodite concert at the O2 on Tuesday night (above).

Katherine says she thoroughly enjoyed the show and enjoyed a bird's-eye view from her ringside seat in the Wet Pitt, located just inches from the stage.

"It's a really spectacular show, it was like being in a small pub, I was that close to her," she said. "I'm pretty sure the whole Wagon's Den audience were there. My ratings probably went down a bit with everyone setting it to record so they could go and see Kylie," she laughed.

Katherine says fans of the series can look forward to other big names appearing on the show over the coming weeks, with Jedward among her potential interviewees.

Hollywood icon Colin Farrell is also said to be a fan of the show. The Leitrim-born comedienne is now hoping Colin can be persuaded to come on the show as a guest next time he's home.

And while Katherine's co-host on the RTE series, Brian Dowling, is nominated in the category of Most Stylish Man at this year's Peter Mark VIP Style Awards, which take place at the Shelbourne Hotel tomorrow, the zany comic says she will not be attending.

"Brian has great style and he really always puts in a lot of effort to look his best.

"I'm not going myself, to be honest award shows bore me. I find it really hard to sit still for that long."

- Lorna Nolan