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Kate's sister Pippa gets job writing for Vanity Fair mag

HER first book was a write-off but Pippa Middleton is to grace the pages of Vanity Fair.

Famous the world over since her appearance at sister Kate's royal wedding in 2011, Pippa (29) has secured a post as a contributing editor.

And the magazine's editor has given her first column full approval just a year after the failure of her book, Celebrate, to win popular acclaim.

Last year's party-planning book promised "personal tips, favourite recipes and useful decorating ideas", but sales remain poor.


In her first submission to Vanity Fair, Pippa gives a nod to one of the UK's most popular sporting events by reliving her childhood memories of Wimbledon.

She describes the tournament as "the highlight of my summer", and recalls her first visit to the All-England Club aged eight. She says that she was an aspiring tennis player at the time, and remembers buying a postcard of the women's championship trophy and writing on it: "I will win this one day."

She admits that, as a child, she imagined she would get married in tennis whites, "shorts with no pleats or frills".

Pippa, who is dating stockbroker Nico Jackson (35), writes that she has grown out of her tomboy phase, but there will still be "no white dresses this summer, apart from at my local tennis club".

Vanity fair editor Graydon Carter said: "We're delighted to have Pippa as a contributor. She is a keen observer of classic British pastimes."