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Kate Middleton is my fashion role model as I pack for Miss World, says Holly

HOLLY Carpenter says she will follow in the fashion footsteps of Kate Middleton in order to stay classy at this year's Miss World competition.

The Dublin model flew to London this morning to start four gruelling weeks of non-stop travelling, photoshoots and public appearances under the watchful eyes of the judges.

Speaking to the Herald today, Holly admitted she has taken inspiration from Prince William's wife's wardrobe and will be sticking to knee-length, tailored dresses for the next month.

"I am going for a Kate Middleton look during the day time. I've got dresses from boutiques like Fran and Jane, and I'll be in heels everyday. Kate Middleton is definitely my theme. With her outfits, her dresses are always knee-length with a clutch bag and simple jewellery like pearls, simple necklaces and earrings.

"Obviously the Miss World contest is about bling as well, but that's for the night time. On stage is one thing but I want to show the judges I have another side to me and I can be classy during the day. I am representing Ireland and I want to look classy," she said.


And Holly (20) certainly brought enough outfits to last her a month. The leggy model brought a total of four suitcases on her flight this morning and she has more clothes being sent over to her in the coming weeks.

The most important dress of the competition will be her evening gown that she will wear the night the new Miss World is crowned. Draped in hundreds of Swarovski crystals with a plunging neck line, the NCAD student says she was fully involved in the design of the dress. "Obviously being in art college I have a really creative vision and I have been really picky. I'm making sure the outfits on stage go together and that the hair is relevant, I want to tie it all in together.

"My manager Brendan Scully made the dress but we both designed it together. We drew the sketch together at the beginning. It is a long sleeved dress with a low neck line. It has rainbow crystals all throughout the middle which reflects different colours and then it blends out in to softer crystals. I just know that under the lights of the stage it will just be amazing," she said.

The Miss World finals will take place on November 6, and for Holly's talent she will be singing The Corrs' version of No Frontiers. Last year's Miss Ireland Emma Waldron astounded audiences with her violin playing.